How to make your rental property feel like home

Renting should not stop you from adding personal touches to suit your own taste. So, while there are still limitations, there are more temporary solutions and tricks of the trade than ever before. Read more

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Essential questions to ask on a property viewing

Viewings are an important part of the buying or renting process: they help you get a feel for the property, the neighbourhood and whether you can see yourself living there.

Read on for our top 20 questions to ask when on your next viewing. Read more

Location, location, location – how to decide where to buy or rent

Location is everything right? You may already know just where you want to buy or rent and its just a matter of finding the perfect property, or you may be looking at areas a bit further afield. Whichever situation you are in, choosing a location to call home is a big decision to make. Read more

How we protect your money

Mandatory Client Money Protection (CMP) for letting agents now looks certain to be a legal requirement in England following a Parliamentary review led by Baroness Hayter and Lord Palmer.

Acceptance of its recommendations now suggest that, in future, letting agents will not be able to take money from the public unless they have Client Money Protection.

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Holiday Top Tips for Peace of Mind for Tenants

With the summer holiday season now upon us and the flurry of shopping, packing and deciding what to take without exceeding the airlines baggage limit, it is easy to forget about taking a few precautionary steps to ensure your property is trouble-free and energy efficient whilst you are away.

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