For your protection – our privacy policy

Our privacy policy covers the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that may be collected by us whenever you visit our website or call or visit one of our offices.

To ensure your privacy is protected, we have implemented a privacy policy:

What information we collect

In order to respond to your requirements, when you register with this website or one of our offices, we will need to know your name, physical address, email address and contact telephone number.

How we use this information

We will use the information that we collect to contact you with details of properties meeting your requirements or with the progress of your property sale/let. We may also send you a monthly newsletter via email and other general marketing emails.

If you contact us to carry out a valuation on your property but you decide to use another agent, our in-house customer support team will contact you to find out why we were unsuccessful in securing your property sale/let.

How secure is your information?

When you register your details, we will take all reasonable steps to keep these details secure and free from unauthorised access by use of technology and internal systems which will be updated as appropriate.

Removing or changing your information

If you wish to change the information that we hold for you or be removed from our database, please contact the office at which you first registered. We will make the changes or remove your information as soon as is practically possible.

In addition, we will always provide an “unsubscribe” option on all of our electronic newsletters and any other marketing emails which are sent to you to allow you to opt out of this form of communication.


A cookie is a piece of information, automatically generated when you register with or visit this website for the first time. The cookie is held on your PC and enables us to recognise you when you log on again.

Because the cookie is held on your PC, we are unable to recognise you if you visit our website from any PC apart from the one you used to register or log on for the first time. This use of cookies does not result in the collection of any personal information about you, the use of your PC or your use of the internet generally.

If you prefer not to have cookies enabled, from your internet browser window, select preferences or internet options, and change your cookie settings accordingly.

Our cookies policy outlines how we use and store cookies on your computer.

External links

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